Aloha and a warm welcome to my website


Mana’o I’o is Hawaiian for faith, belief, confidence and truth, and it was chosen because I wanted to live the second half of my life on this foundation, and create a way to be of service to others. This has resulted in a business that is diverse and representative of my growth as an individual.


I spent the first half of my life at FCH Enterprises, dba Zippy’s Restaurant.  Because of my huge responsibilities at FCH Enterprises as COO/Senior VP and working a 15 hour day, every day for years, stress was a daily part of my life.  When it began to affect my health, I learned ENERGETIC HEALING as a way to deal with the stress, and now offer it to humans and canines.


At Zippy’s, much of my work required left brain skills so upon retirement I began to move into balance and bring forth right brain creativity to make HAND CRAFTED PRODUCTS for weddings and events. I am also authorized to perform wedding ceremonies as a minister in the Hawaiian Islands.


The energetic healing work, especially with pets, led to a desire to take it to a next level. This resulted in learning and applying ANIMAL COMMUNICATION, a dialogue with animals to assist their humans with health and behavioral issues, as well as lost animal searches.


Please note: I am not taking any client appointments at the present time due to a medical leave.


Aloha, Eileen T. Abe